Ambience Candles - Non Toxic - Coconut Wax

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Ambience Candles - Non Toxic - Coconut Wax

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Do you love candles but hate how toxic the fragrances and wax can be? Me too! Over the past few years while I have become so much more conscious to the toxins I am exposing myself to, I have also really missed candles. I just love the cozy ambience a candle can give a room. So if you or your loved ones are on the toxin free train but miss the coziness of a candle burning, these are perfect!

These candles are completely unscented to keep yucky hormone disrupting and immune suppressing toxins out of your home without sacrificing the aesthetic of a cozy candle burning in a beautiful amber glass container.

These candles are made with:

  • Non-GMO coconut wax which is an incredibly clean burning and sustainable wax choice compared to the widely used soy wax.

  • 30% Beeswax. Beeswax and coconut wax are the perfect combo since coconut wax has the tendency to be a bit too soft on it’s own. Beeswax has many health benefits including it’s power to clean the air by releasing negative ions. While most candles add toxins to the air, this candle actually helps DE-toxify the air!

  • The wicks of these candles are made of unbleached hemp & are completely non-toxic.

This shop is a sustainably run shop and that includes our packaging! Please be sure to either re-use your biodegradable packaging or put it in the compost or recycling bin!

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