Mindfulness in 2018

I'll start this post by saying our 2018 got off to a bit of a rocky start. The holidays were a little crazier and more stressful than usual and we were SO worn out by the time New Years came around. We were exhausted, stressed, hadn't been exercising, and that combination is a dangerous one during cold and flu season, am I right? We hadn't been sick for a long while but let me tell you, the flu got us and it got us hard. I don't want to go into too much detail or focus on the negative so long story short, during the time that we were sick, the weather had been very cold and very gloomy and I'm the kind of person who LOVES warm weather and sunshine so the winter blues always tend to set in towards the middle of January for me. Dealing with that, not being able to leave the house and just feeling all around sick and pretty down was impacting my body and mind a lot. On any other given day I would just go for a walk or do a 45-minute workout and I would be feeling balanced again but I was definitely not feeling well enough to workout or go out in the 30-40 degree weather for a walk. All of these things had me feeling a little crazy if I'm honest and on one of the days when I was starting to feel a little bit better I was eating breakfast and watching a couple YouTube videos and came across one that was talking about the law of attraction. In the back of my mind, I was kind of like "oh yeah, that." I knew what it was and have practiced it a lot in my life but it's amazing what can slowly happen to our mindsets and thought processes when things change up a bit or get harder. 

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The law of attraction is simple. You think on, focus on, and dwell on what you want, what you love, the life you envision, and you begin to start seeing your goals more clearly and that positive mindset fuels your drive to go after what you want, or maybe even what you were dwelling on and focusing in on is now your life and you are living it. We attract what we put out. It's a simple yet life-changing concept. I had to step back that day and re-evaluate what I was manifesting and attracting with my mind, self-talk, the way I speak to others, etc. When I looked inside I found doubt, negativity and defeat all standing up in front of what would usually be positivity, drive, and joy. I had started this year tired and I needed to turn my thought life around asap because friends if we are dwelling on the negative, how bad the weather is, whether we are sick or going to get sick, how we haven't even begun our new years resolutions, etc. we will not get ANYTHING good or positive out of those thoughts. I also had to really wrestle my hypochondria to the ground again. If you have never dealt with anxiety you might not understand what I'm talking about here but I have always been a little bit extra anxious when it comes to my health even though I have never had a reason to be. I know its just a weakness formed by fear which of course, does not come from the Lord but from the enemy. It used to be a lot worse and I would just perseverate over the what if's. What if I had this disease or that disease and I don't even know it, etc. I would have this constant fear of the worst in the back of my mind but thankfully the Lord has really grown me through that and helped me work through a lot of my anxiety over the past couple years. All of that being said, after having the flu for a while, my mind started to go to that place of fear again and coming across that video on the law of attraction and positivity really helped to pull me out before my mind could go any further. So thankful. That day I sat down and decided that 2018 would not be a year of irrational fears and negative thoughts. It was going to be a year of gratitude, positivity, and mindfulness. This year I want to focus on the fact that I AM healthy which is a HUGE blessing in and of itself, focus on what I want and the changes I want to make in my life, business, future, but not to let any of that be so loud or so much the focus that I forget about the present and the moment I'm currently in. Just being married for a little over a year already I am realizing how quickly time passes and I want to enjoy and soak up every moment I can. It was funny because the moment I made that choice to turn my thoughts around, chill out and let my body heal, focus on the positive, choose joy, it actually impacted my husband as well. Almost immediately. It was so cool to see that what I was focusing on was already flowing into other areas of my life and the people around me. He came home that day upset about something that had happened at work and I could tell he was feeling just as defeated as I had been. He has been waiting for the right time to start a business venture he's had in the works and waiting on God's timing has been a bit trying for him. I told him about my morning and the video I had watched and how I think we need to have a "re-do" of the start to our new year and he totally agreed and was so refreshed by what I was sharing with him. We're both very positive people and that few weeks of sickness, holiday chaos, and sleep deprivation really had us both in a funk. So we talked, prayed, and chose to move forward with joy. It was so nice to get out of that and start to tackle life with renewed minds and attitudes together. The video I watched was one of Mimi Ikonn's videos on YouTube. She has a ton of videos on positivity. 

I love how clear the law of attraction is stated in the bible. Philippians 4:8 is a perfect example. "Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable - if there is any moral excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy - dwell on these things." 

I also love Proverbs 23:7 which says "as a man thinks, so is he."

We are made to think and live mindful lives and think positive thoughts. When we do, it will naturally and inevitably flow into all other areas of our life. I am currently working on shifting my perspective to be consistently positive and thinking on only things that are pure and lovely because nothing good will come from negative thoughts or words. Negativity stirs fear, doubt, and comparison which we all know is the thief of joy. I encourage you to take a moment and re-evaluate your 2018 goals. What really matters to you at the end of the day? Give yourself grace and make sure your goals are attainable. There is nothing worse than starting the year with too much on your plate and adding unnecessary pressure to yourself. Give yourself time to breathe, pray, go on long walks, eat good food, get sleep, and be mindful this year. :) 

What do you want to attract in the year of 2018? 

Thanks for reading!!