Early Stages of Wedding Planning

So as I mentioned in my first post I got engaged in March to my best friend Chandler Mize. Our wedding journey started out a little crazy! When Chandler proposed I was finishing up a semester in college and preparing for a full load of classes this summer. It was a crazy time for both of us and we knew that everything would be way too rushed and chaotic to try and have our wedding this fall. We both wanted to enjoy this time in our lives and enjoy being engaged to each other and the entire planning process. Even though we had always hoped for a very short engagement, we prayed about it and we knew this decision was right for us. We will be getting married in fall of 2016.

Things have been falling into place one right after the other lately and it's so exciting and such a blessing to finally be planning in full force! After venue hunting for almost 5 months we have finally found a beautiful place that has everything we want and more. All in the same week we decided we're building a house as well! These big decisions have taken a lot of weight off of our shoulders and I wanted to share a few things that i've learned so far that have helped me along the way.


Early Stage Wedding Planning Tips:

Visualize what you want your venue to look like and what you're willing to spend and be strict with yourself. So many people will give you their opinions along the way and you may feel your own opinions and views start to sway. This definitely happened for me. I love my friends and family so much and I trust their judgement but at the end of the day the pros of some venues for them were actually cons for me. I knew what I wanted and after months of going back and forth I finally had to be honest with myself and start eliminating places for good. about a month ago, Chandler and I found our venue! It has everything we want and more!
You do not need a wedding planner. I think the night we got engaged we actually decided against hiring a wedding planner. I already have so many people around me that I know and trust so for me there was no reason to spend money on something that myself, my family, and my friends could do on our own.
Let your personality show in your planning. Chandler and I are doing some traditional things and some untraditional things for our wedding ceremony and reception. We have a unique story so we want our wedding to show our personalities and feel comfortable to us and our guests. After all it is YOUR day. Stick to your guns and make it uniquely yours, even if that means throwing "tradition" out the window. Create new traditions!
Make an inspiration board that you can touch. Basically you are just making your favorite pins from Pinterest come to life. The night I did this, and printed out some of my favorite wedding pins I was able to make a lot of decisions. Groomsmen suits and bridesmaids dresses were all decided on that night. Talk about progress! If you are a visual person I highly recommend doing this. There is something about being able to move things around, seeing colors together and having my ideas in one place where I can see them that was really helpful.
I recommend purchasing a planner dedicated to all things wedding related. I ended up caving and buying a beautiful Erin Condren wedding planner. I blame Alex Garza from YouTube for this one. First of all this planner is pretty large but not in a bad way. There is room for everything in this planner including a wedding checklist and timeline and places to write all your vendor and wedding party contact info! Have a place designated to wedding things. Everything will be easier on you if all of your planning, vendor, and contact information in one place!
Don't base your day on other people. It's your day and it's your wedding, the one time in your life where you and your fiancé get a free pass to be picky! The first week we were engaged I knew I wanted a Sunday wedding. Weird? Maybe so.. but I love Sundays and later on found out that Sundays are cheaper almost anywhere! Pick a date that makes sense for you two and the rest will fall into place!
One last note.. involve your fiancé! It's his day too and his opinion matters. Will your man always have the best taste in color or decor? Maybe not. But he will appreciate being a part of the process with you and you will both feel better about decisions when you both have a say in whats going on. Wedding planning has been growing Chandler and I closer together and it's so much fun to share such a big experience with the one you love.
Links to everything mentioned below! Thanks so much for reading!

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/FaithKristina/

Erin Condren Wedding Planner: https://www.erincondren.com/geodes-wedding-planner?color-id=57876

Alexandrea Garza on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexandreaGarza

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